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Taco Express Bellerose, NY – Zabiha Halal Mexican Restaurant - Top Mexican Grill for your Cravings

Authentic Mexican eats is all about food and flavors, taste and freshness, and a lot more!

Our restaurant spells authentic Mexican style food in the best way. All our dishes ooze authentic and true Mexican cooking styles. When you visit our restaurant, undoubtedly, you will fall head over heels in love with our organic ingredients and traditional recipes.

Enjoy 100 % Zabiha Halal Meat at Bellerose, NY

Are you a fan of hand-slaughtered meat and their recipes? At Taco Express Bellerose, you can relish dishes made from 100 % Zabiha halal meat.

Our USP at lies in:

- Natural, non- GMO chicken of the highest-quality

- Cage-free chicken with no trace of anti-biotics

- Beef from naturally grass-fed cattle, etc.

Best Mexican Food Prepared In-house in Bellerose, NY

You will be amazed to see the culinary skills of our world-class Mexican chefs at the Zabiha Halal Mexican Restaurant. We present an end-to-end menu of popular Mexican dishes at our eatery. From tacos and salads to quesadillas, burritos and nachos, we have them all. Enjoy our mouth-smacking queso or guacamole alone or with your loved ones. You will keep coming back for more!

Make Special Occasions More Special with the Best Catering Services in Bellerose, NY

Are you planning a party soon? We take up catering orders for all types of small occasions. Our team of Mexican cooks (and other employees) ensure that your guests have the best time with our Mexican food spread. Get ready to enjoy delicious family meals by Zabiha Halal Mexican Restaurant!

Fresh and Healthy Mexican Fast Food

We believe in serving ‘health on a platter’ when you visit Taco Express Bellerose. The halal fast food quality at the Zabiha Halal Mexican Restaurant has earned many raving reviews. All raw materials and ingredients are purchased from the most reliable sources. Choose from our vast collection of hygienically-packed burrito bowls, quesadillas, nachos, burritos, tacos, salads, and other side dishes to make your day.

Bellerose, NY Warm Home-made Fresh Tacos and Tortillas

We take pride in our Mexican recipes, and we serve them fresh. Be it our corn tortillas, recently-prepared authentic Mexican tacos, or delicious Mexican platters – our Mexican delicacies make for the perfect meal, always!
Our Food Taco Express

Our Food Taco Express

Our Food Taco Express